Our Services

Our Telecommunication design team will take your company further into the future then you can possibly image. Our team will design a full functional Telecommunication center that will house all Fiber/CATV Universal cable infrastructures, local work stations, paging speaker, riser infrastructure as well as multiple locations over local and long distance carriers.

Our Audiovisual design team will show you the design and installations that have given Communication Outsourcing the praise and recognition in the consulting field. Our team will take you down the path and develop a comprehensive RFP that identifies all concerns of you organization. Whether your company utilizes Power Point, Video teleconferencing, and Market Data software, Communication Outsourcing will make certain all is profession installed and configured properly.

Our Security Implementation team will develop the most intelligent choice for you. There are a variety of surveillance and alarms system that can fulfill your needs. From a single-door application to a sophisticated enterprise system, our team will help you configure and decide on a system that is perfectly matched for your company.

Our Information Technology partners will help any size organization with solution deployment, new office rollouts, regulatory compliance, migration and an array of services to make your company operate more efficiently. By structuring the IT infrastructure at the beginning of the project is always critical, communication Outsourcing has develop a “boiler plate” design package which is enforced throughout your project. Securing all documentation, prints and software for each client is a necessity, therefore we partner with only the industry leaders in the computer networking field.